Eyglasses story

When I was buying some boards for shelves in our bedroom armoire (or maybe it’s a chifforobe?) at the Casco Bargain Barn, the guy working there asked me, “Did you just break your glasses, or are they magnetic?” They’re magnetic. I’ve told the story a few times by now, so I ought to post it.

When we were last in Bridgton, probably three weekends ago, for the Art in the Park crafts sale, as I was walking past the kayak store I saw a kayak with a fishing rod holder mounted on the front deck. That looked like the way to fish from a kayak without worrying about where the rod was while you were paddling. I went into the store and asked if they had a fishing rod holder like that without a kayak attached. They found me one in the back, and I asked the saleswoman, “How much does it cost? I can’t read the price tag without my glasses.” She said, “Then you need one of these!” and demonstrated her reading glasses. They had a strip of plastic going all the way around in back and popped apart over the nose. She was very enthusiastic about how she never leaves her glasses behind any more, just puts these on in the morning and leaves them around her neck if she’s not wearing them. I’ve seen glasses with a cord to keep them around your neck, but they’re a nuisance because they hang too low. So besides the fishing rod holder she sold me a pair of reading glasses.

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