Restaurant Meal

Well, we did eat at Bob’s Clam Shack several weeks ago, sitting at a table outdoors, but that time we ordered & paid at a window and picked up a tray at a window. Today on our way to Casco we were seated at a table (outdoors) by a hostess, gave our order to a waitress, were served at the table, and paid at the table. It was at When Pigs Fly Pizzeria in Kittery. It was another big “emerging from the pandemic” moment. We got two loaves of bread (we both got sandwiches for the meal; mine was on delicious pumpernickel. That was one of the kinds that came home with us, along with half of each of our sandwiches.) I paid for the bread with my new contactless Discover card — ding! Done! No waiting for a “please remove your card” message.

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