Caging the Hazels

I had worried about deer eating my new hazel plants in the middle of the night. I’m not sure I lost significant sleep about it, but it was a concern. In the morning I lugged a roll of fence wire up to where I had planted them and put wire cages around them. It wouldn’t stop a determined deer, but the idea is to make the hazels a little less attractive than other vegetation nearby.

I made a second trip with garden staples and a bucket of water, stapled the cages into the ground, and gave four of the hazels a drink.

Made another 2 trips with buckets of water and got all the bushes evenly watered.

My pedometer app said it was a total of 2 miles walking; probably as much was back and forth in the hazel patch as from the house to the patch.

We drove home just in time for supper. Arlene and I watched a zoom interview sponsored by Friends of the Shakers. The panelists were Brother Arnold, one of the few remaining Shakers, and a woman who had just written a book about a girl raised by the Shakers. Brother Arnold knows more Shaker history than anyone else now alive, I think, and was able to reassure the author that many details of her story (like everyone breaking into song in the middle of doing the community laundry) were indeed plausible. I left a few minutes early to go to my Symphonic Band zoom meeting.

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