Cable fix

By now this morning I’ve fixed a miscrossed cable on that Aran sweater. It’s the first of those I’m aware of in the project, which is now one pattern repeat above the armpits (but just the back piece). I just googled “fix miscrossed cable” and a page that Stephanie posted about two years ago showed up at the top of the list. Maybe I should have looked farther down the search page and tried it this way, but at any rate it’s all better now. I bet I’ll have another chance to try the second way before I finish the project 🙁

One Response to “Cable fix”

  1. Judy Says: done this, but I must confess to having figured it out before I had even heard of Google.
    Necessity is the Mother of Invention ! Although it is nice to have it all spelled out for future referene instead of having to re invent the wheel.
    Very self satifying to fix, isn’t it ?
    But I must admit to leaving one mis- crossed cable “unfixed” in my Big Red Cable Sweater, The Cafe Bastille pattern.