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I have been knitting mittens lately. Here’s a finished pair, made from leftover Cascade 220 from the adinkra bag project and leftover Andes from the socks I started in Pocatello, and a motif from Knitting in the Old Way:

There’s most of a pair of small child size mittens from the Andes that still needs thumbs. Then there’s the beginnings of a pair in three colors of Peace Fleece that I got at Down Home Trading Company in Bridgton in late December. I’m loosely following a pattern in Anna Zillborg’s book that’s in the picture, and following her idea that a pair doesn’t have to be two things that are mirror images of each other — if you use the same three or four colors in each, but in different places, and you say it’s a pair, then it’s a pair. I used the cast-on that Judy Becker wrote up in Knitty for toe-up socks. It was far easier than the method Zilboorg gives for starting mittens. I started the second mitten before finishing the first, just because I wanted to work with that gray yarn with the color flecks.

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  1. I see that you have been using Magnificent Mittens. Tell me, do you have trouble getting the picked up stitches to look as unnoticeable as the ones on her mittens? I think I am following the directions faithfully so do not know if i am missing a trick–can you help? Thanks

  2. It’s been a while since I knit any mittens (that post is from 2 years ago) and I don’t really remember where the picked-up stitches are. Of course she’s done lots more so I would expect her work to look better than mine. I always have trouble with the joint of the thumb; there’s always a little hole. If that’s the problem you’re having, I can’t help!

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