Pecan Pie

Last weekend we stopped at Hannaford’s in Windham for groceries. They had all the nuts that people hadn’t bought for holiday entertaining marked down to 49 cents a pound. Including pecans! Since we had just got back from the part of the country where pecans are fairly common, they were on my mind. So I scooped up a small bag of them. I was eating a couple each evening and packing a couple for lunch, thinking of baking either a Huguenot torte or a pecan pie. Finally on Thursday evening I looked around the cupboard and was pleasantly surprised to find a bottle of Karo corn syrup, the missing ingredient for pecan pie.

Well! Most of the work was shelling the pecans. Once I had them all shelled, mixing up the filling and making the crust was pretty quick. And I have to say, it worked fine. I like pecan pie, and I’ll often choose it when I’m ordering dessert in a restaurant, on the rare occasions when it’s available around here, but that’s the first time I’ve made one. I’ll keep my eye out for pecans on sale in the future.

Recipe? just google and you’ll find several recipes, pretty similar. I followed one by GAgirl. I think her site has a popup window behind it, so I’m not going to link it.

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