Swim 3

Actually more, I’ve been swimming every morning so far this week. I think 12 lengths Monday, 16 Tues, 20 Weds. Tues and Weds I did the first 8 breathing every other stroke. That’s what I expect to do most of the way when I’m in shape. Tues it was just under 11 minutes for the 16 lengths, say 10:54. I want to be able to do 32 under 20 minutes, twice as far at a little faster pace the whole way.

Weds. night I did some database maintenance for ZGG. We had some customers listed multiple times (under the same name!) with multiple listings for (the same!) addresses. I cleaned that out. The goal was to be able to list all the invoices for a given customer, which wouldn’t have worked when the same customer had multiple IDs.  Unfortunately that meant not much knitting nor eraser carving.

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