More dumpster carpentry

This chair was on the curb down the street on garbage night. A couple of weeks ago we bought a chair with a broken cane seat for $1 at a yard sale in Maine. I didn’t like the chair all that much, but it looked like something I could learn caning on. I like this chair a lot better, and the price was right. A little steel wool, a lot of elbow grease, a little stain and butcher’s wax, and a lot of time caning, and this will be a pretty chair. I hope.

The only thing I know about caning so far is that you need different sizes of cane depending on how close together the holes are drilled in the chair frame. I bought plenty of cane of the right size for the $1 chair. This one has holes 1/2 inch apart, whereas the other has ’em at 5/8 inch intervals. So I need a batch of finer-size cane. Darn.

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