Tuesday June 15

One of the things mom was hoping we could do was to fix an old aluminum lawn chair that had torn webbing. Arlene did lots of internet research to try to find webbing, and tracked down a couple of sources. I thought maybe we’d be able to find some at Home Depot, or Lowe’s, or someplace like that. Several phone calls failed to turn up any. We drove out to the Chubbuck Wal-mart to look. The outdoor furniture department didn’t have any, but we found some rainbow colored olefin webbing in the fabric department. It was narrower than the original webbing on the chair, but much heavier weight, so I figured it would do. If I had known how little would be left on the roll I would have bought all they had, but as it was we had a couple of feet to spare. The repair job worked. But let’s face it, it’s an old aluminum lawn chair and not that photogenic.

We went for a walk at the Edson Fichter nature area, a part of the Portneuf Greenway project at the southern end of Pocatello.

We were there on two occasions during the trip. The first time there were western tanagers everywhere we looked, a couple of fairly easy-to-see lazuli buntings, magpies who let me take their picture, and an elusive black-headed grosbeak. This time we saw a very cooperative black-headed grosbeak, (maybe the same guy in a different mood)

got glimpses of lazuli buntings again and saw an oriole, “sp ?” as birders say, and saw cedar waxwings and a western tanager (but not quantities of them).

We had a time limit for our walk, because mom had made appointments for us with a massage therapist around the corner.

After that we went over to dinner at Habib’s. He’s a former engineering professor at Idaho State who has been in a dispute with the university administration. He’s from Iran and cooks wonderful exotic dishes. I neglected to get a picture of him, but here are mom and Habib’s girl friend Stephanie, who is a nurse on the Shoshone-Bannock reservation.

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