Cigar Box Guitar update

Arlene asked me something like “are you going to put markers on the fingerboard?” I hadn’t really thought about it, but I guessed I should; normal guitars have marks every so often so you can find where to play different chords and notes past the first few frets. I had some decorative inlay left from years ago that I figured would be suitable. It came out better than I expected:

I didn’t do the tiny details! I cut a strip of inlay into semi-tiny rectangles and put them in little spaces I cut out. Granted I had to cut two semi-tiny rectangles of inlay strip for each marker, to make diamonds instead of all herringbone, and cut the little spaces to just about the right size. But not the tiny details. All the same, I think it exceeds expectations for a cigar box guitar fingerboard. Here’s the inlay strip on top of the fingerboard so you can see what I mean:

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