Snowy Morning

We woke up to exceptionally beautiful snow in Casco yesterday. Here’s the best winter picture of our house I’ve ever taken —

We have a very long driveway, because there is a row of house lots between the road and our lot proper, with a right-of-way a little wider than our driveway between two of those; so I often think I’m out in more winter weather getting the newspaper than a lot of my co-workers are in a whole week. Here’s how it looked on my way back from the mailbox:

2 Responses to “Snowy Morning”

  1. Chris Says:

    with the weather the way it’s been I’m amazed you got up TO Casco! Yikes.
    My friend in Temple, NH has snow up to her eyeballs.

  2. deanb Says:

    The weather was on and off rainy when we were driving up on Friday evening — half an hour of drizzle, twenty minutes without needing windshield wipers, another half hour of drizzle, etc. The last fifteen miles there was light snow. It really wasn’t bad driving.