Walk around the block

In Casco, it’s three miles around the block; or, at any rate, three miles around the smallest loop of roads that goes around our house. On Christmas Eve we went for a walk, and took the left fork on George Hannon Road so as to take a slightly longer route, maybe fifty yards or so longer than we had to, just for the extra exercise. It was a beautiful sunny day with temperature close to freezing. I took the new camera for practice. Here are two of the sights:

Our favorite weathervane. It’s on the house at the corner of Mayberry Hill Road, at the top of the hill.

With the camera lens set to maximum zoom, I got a particularly clear view of Mount Washington from the spot on Mayberry Hill Road overlooking Pleasant Lake and out towards New Hampshire. I always like to walk clockwise around the loop so we’re walking towards this view.

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