More camera practice

I took Matt’s old camera (and really, I’m entitled to call it my new camera now. I paid him for the body, and he and Anne gave me the lens for hanukah) outside yesterday to practice wildlife photography at our bird feeders. It has the big advantage over my little point-and-shoot that you can focus it through the lens; for birds, where the autofocus is more likely to make a branch or leaf sharp than to focus on the bird, that’s a big help. I need more practice, but I can see the attraction of this one.

2 Responses to “More camera practice”

  1. Chris Says:

    Remind me what kind of camera this is? I think I remember some type of Nikon…
    I just bought my first digital SLR so I can relate to the “focus through the lens” issue.
    My digital point and shoot drove me crazy for that very reason.

  2. deanb Says:

    It’s a Nikon D-70s, a single-lens reflex a few years old. I’ve had Nikon Coolpix cameras before, which are point-and-shoot gizmos — generally satisfactory for me, except for the response speed. This one accepts different lenses, which I don’t see myself needing since it has one good wide range zoom lens, and will connect to my new microscope if I figure out what adapter I need.