Shirt and plants

I was thinking of titling it “shirt and pants — I mean plants.”

About a week ago I did buttonholes and sewed buttons on a shirt I had been working on for some of this spring, made from remnant Marimekko from the Crate and Barrel outlet in Kittery. I had selected several colors of the same basic design — well all right, at the per-pound price we had taken all we could find of the designs we liked — and combined three different colorways in one shirt. I’m waiting for someone to ask, “where did you get that shirt?” so I can answer, “You can’t GET a shirt like this, you have to make it or commission it.”

Now, as to the plants, they’re the hazel and chestnut trees I had ordered back in March. I was hoping to get them a month ago so I could plant them Memorial Day weekend, but they finally arrived on Monday. And there’s another three day weekend coming up during which to plant them. The package looked like this (except that I blurred my address on general principles). Note the “Live plants, do not leave in sun!” Well, maybe I made the picture too small for that to be legible.

Inside are plants grown as “tubelings”, that is, seedlings in plastic tubes. I think the idea is that you can remove the tube and plant what’s left and disturb the roots less than if the plants were shipped bare-rooted. At any rate, there are 22 hazels which should have various sized nuts — the larger nuts are more convenient to eat, but probably produce less food per bush than the smaller ones, and some of the smaller ones may grow faster and start producing sooner. Then there are ten chestnuts, of which 5 are selected for nut production and 5 for being bigger trees. So, please wish the trees all good health and wish me strength to get them all in the ground appropriately.

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