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When I first heard the term “weblog”, long since shortened to “blog”, I thought the idea was to keep a log of what websites you had been looking at. I still think that’s a reasonable thing to put on your blog. Here’s one: Maine Fish and Wildlife magazine, published by the Maine department of inland fisheries and wildlife.

When I was a kid my family used to get a magazine called something like New York Conservationist, from the corresponding part of the New York State government. Years ago, when we used to go fishing in Horn Pond in Woburn and Flagg’s Pond off route 2 near Lunenberg, Arlene and I used to get Massachusetts Wildlife. (that one doesn’t seem to be online.) A lot of people are opposed to hunting and fishing, but (mostly from reading the New York Conservationist at an impresionable age) I feel strongly that hunters and anglers in general do more to preserve and protect wildlife than people who don’t participate in those activities. It’s the people who hunt and fish who really care about having wildlife out there for the future. It’s the money they give the states for hunting and fishing licenses that funds state wildlife departments so there can be wildlife biologists to keep track of animal and fish populations so that hunting and fishing regulations can change from year to year so that (for example) deer neither disappear nor overrun all the gardens in the state.

All of those magazines, as far as I know, discuss all kinds of fish and animals from their respective state, not just game animals and sport fish. So, anyway, take a look.

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