Yesterday Arlene went to the (not so new, but we haven’t been there before) new Institute of Contemporary Art with some of her old art teacher friends, and stopped with them at Sofra in Cambridge,  at the border of Watertown and Belmont, for lunch. It’s in a building covered in somewhat garish glazed tiles that used to be a liquor store. We drove past that building all the time when we lived in Watertown, but neither of us had ever been inside it before. Arlene was very enthusiastic about the show at the ICA, but also about Sofra, which turns out to be a middle eastern (in that part of Cambridge/Watertown/Belmont, no surprise) take out place. She brought me home a piece of chocolate hazelnut baklava, which was delicious. But then, I’ve never met a baklava I didn’t like. It even came in a Bio-plus earth recyclable cardboard takeout container.

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