Pocket recorder = Klez music online

I downloaded an audio recorder application to my iPhone just before going to band rehearsal Tuesday night, and figured out how to use it in time to record two tracks for here. Since I just put the thing on the floor behind me, I was the closest and sounded the loudest so the balance is heavy on trumpet. And since there’s no audio engineer, just a poor little iPhone trying its best to be a recording studio, it started clipping when the music got loud.

These are links to MP3 files. If you have an MP3 player plugin for your browser, you should be able to listen. If by any chance you want them on your portable MP3 player, feel free to download them.
Medley – Freilach #2 in D minor / Die Alte Tzigeiner

oops — it took us halfway through the first strain of the first one to get together on the tempo. On the whole I think it sounds pretty good after that.


That’s me on trumpet, Jim D’Amicco on clarinet, Barbara (I think Burg) on C-melody sax, Jeffery Kleiman on flute, Alan Shuchat on melodeon, Barry Shapiro on accordion, Tobie Geller on piano, and Sarah Kaplan and Susan Farber on violin (if you can hear them)

One Response to “Pocket recorder = Klez music online”

  1. Mom, Joan, in case you have forgotten Says:

    Deanie, I loved it. Some of it came over a bit blurry, but I think it is great, and I was very glad I could get it!

    Love you. Happy Hanukkah or however you want to spell it! Mom