Idaho report

We’ve been visiting my mom in Idaho for a few days. Charley was here last week. He took off for a drive around all the national parks in Utah and posted lots of gorgeous photos (I’d say many are of calendar or postcard or at least screen saver quality) on his blog, so check there for current pictures. He writes pretty well, too.

Besides taking my mom to an eye doctor appointment, we’ve gone to see a movie (Under the Same Moon) at the Idaho State University alternative film series, gone to the farmer’s market, talked to a Shoshone woman making beaded moccasins (size 0, newborn, size), gone on an early morning birding trip and seen lazuli buntings and bulloch’s orioles, gone out birding ourselves and got a really good look at yellow-headed blackbirds, and heard a concert by an outstanding Israeli violinist. (check out his “fiddler on the … tank” video, linked from that page). Meanwhile (and some of that meanwhile was while waiting at the eye doctor’s) I’ve done five pattern repeats on the back of my Aran sweater, so it really is starting to look like an Aran sweater. I hope I get better at doing the cables, because they each take an effort. I’m probably knitting the previous row too tight, or maybe that’s just how it is with a lot of cables. Oh, also I read, starting on the plane out here, one of the Spenser detective stories. We used to watch the TV series, but this is the first of the books I’ve read, and I thought it was really good.

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