Wildflower pix

We first thought this one was real Solomon’s Seal, as opposed to False Solomon’s Seal, which we hear a lot about. Nope, Solomon’s Seal has paired flowers, but this plant has single flowers. Our A Field Guide to Wildflowers suggested Bellworts, genus Uvularia, but none of them seemed really correct. Another book showed Oakesia, a closely related genus. I did a google search for that and it seems plausible. The scary thing is that now that I’ve said Oakesia (twice!) in my post, the next time someone does a google search for it they’ll find this. And I don’t know wtf I’m talking about. Whatever it is, there are lots of them near the house and lots more out on the aspen trail. And this is a better picture than I found on the U MN web site from that search I did.

This one, though, I’m comfortable calling starflower:

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