Craig Listing

Two weekends ago, when we were in the Boston area because of my klez gig, we did some shopping from Craig’s list.

My mom has a nice sewing box that opens up to reveal six shallow drawers or boxes, just the right size for spools and notions. Arlene has been seeing many things a lot like it on Craig’s list. There was one in Needham that we went to see, and bought. It came with contents, which included two pairs of scissors, lots of thread on wooden spools, a beautiful bamboo point turner (for turning the points of collars, etc., right-side out, that is), a metal, not plastic, hem marking gauge, and a couple of giveaway sewing kits with “look for the union label” ads on them. We think that some of that thread has been in that box since the 1950s.

The other item was a bakery rack. It was on the third floor of a house off LaGrange Street in West Roxbury, on the edge of our normal stomping grounds. The seller said the rack originally came from Gorman’s Bakery in Central Falls RI. It barely fit in the back of our Forester — I had to take one caster off the bottom with the screwdriver of my Swiss army knift to get the hatch to close safely — but we did get it home. We took it up to the kitchen in Casco last weekend. Notice a kind of wood theme to the kitchen? I moved some stuff for the picture.

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