Progress pic

Just because I like the way the finished one looks, here’s the state of a pair of mittens as of Thursday morning, with one finished:

By now the other one has the ribbing and two rounds of those white diamonds on black. Arlene tried the finished one on and says that both the thumb and main part are long on here, but the circumference is good. There’s a hole at the thumb joint that I’ll have to fill in, phooey.

These are Peace Fleece (worsted weight), main mitten body 23 stitches on each side on US #5s, done in magic loop with the cast-on from the Knitty article I cited a few posts ago (so knit top down). I got an extra stitch or two after joining the thumbs, so there are 48 stitches around at the start of the ribbing. After the ribbing the cuff increases to 64 stitches around, and then to 72 midway through that leaf motif.

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