Cumberland Fair Truck Exhibit

Here are some trucks that were on display at the fair. First, this lumber delivery truck from Chebeague Island. Chebeague Island is in Casco Bay (no relative of the town of Casco) off Portland. It was in the news a few years ago because its residents convinced Nabisco to continue making Pilot Crackers, something like oversize oysterette crackers, which are considered absolutely essential to proper clam chowder. At least they were fifty years ago and nowadays on Chebeague Island, which might have been the only place where a significant number of them were still being sold. At any rate, Nabisco first announced it would discontinue them, then capitulated to the protest and sent a boat loaded with them over with lots of hoopla.

Here’s a lovely horse-drawn milk wagon:

This woodie pickup truck didn’t have any label.

And finally, here’s the Royal River Band Wagon. It’s roped off so you can’t jump on the bandwagon, but a band wagon it is. That looked like some sort of power pipe organ designed to imitate a brass band.

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