Maine visitors

Millie, Joel, their daughter Gena, and Gena’s three kids were at our house in Maine for the week after the 4th of July. Arlene stayed up there with them for the week and I went back to Newton to work. Unfortunately there were several rainy days that week so the boys didn’t get outside as much as we had hoped, and the reports I got were that the boys were a handful a lot of the time. I just saw them the first weekend. The weather was good Saturday, and the boys were eager to go outside and help mark the trails with more plastic ribbon. Baylor, the 2-year-old, didn’t make it all the way around on his own, but I was impressed at how much he did walk by himself. At some point they had gone out shopping and came back with a few new toys which they are showing off here:

Mason, 7, with a superball with a car in it. Mason is the easiest of the three to have around. He’ll play quietly or read a lot of the time, and do kid sudoku puzzles.

Trey, 5, wielding a plastic sword. He’s the most active of the three.

Not with a new toy, but trying to decide what piece of Fischer-Teknik to add to the current construction, Baylor, 2. Reported to have been a handful later in the week.

Saturday afternoon Arlene and I got out on the lake in the old aluminum rowboat with Mason and Trey. The boys were sitting on the seat in the stern with me rowing facing them. They sort of got the idea that they had to tell me which way to go because the oarsman is facing backwards and can’t tell, but they weren’t really concentrating on navigation.

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