July 4 baking

We went over to Sue and Richard’s for 4th of July cookout. The weather was very threatening so we ended up eating indoors, but I did tend the grill outside on their deck. Their cookout menu always includes grilled kielbasa, which I like very much and never get any other time. Sue asked me to bring over “a seasonal pie” for dessert. I made a blueberry pie —

— and a lime chiffon pie, which may be less seasonal but I like them so much I’ll make them any time I have an excuse. Keebler packs their graham cracker pie crusts with a plastic cover inside the shell, which you can invert and use to cover the meringue after the pir is baked. I must have done that before I took the picture, but there it is.

The sky was so dark with threats of rain that the city fireworks display started early. And indeed was raining lightly through the show.

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