Sort of rock concert

Last Saturday night, when we were in New Jersey for the baby naming – simchat bat thing on Sunday, we went with Millie and Joel to a concert at the synagogue in Succasunna, where they teach in the religious school. The performer was Rick Recht, who would like you to think of him as a rock star in the Jewish music league. Arlene and I are the wrong demographic. She looked around the audience and thought we were the oldest people there. Millie said no, that some people she knew from the congregation were older. But after those people left, we probably were. There was a video going in front most of the time, lots of waving of arms and pumping of fists, and a fair bit of singing along by the audience (helped by the words printed in the program.) We thought that Rick would be a wonderful synagogue youth group song leader, but we felt fine leaving without buying any of his CDs.

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