Sweater progress

In case anyone thinks this is sometimes a knitblog, here’s a progress picture of my sweater. I’ve bound off one front shoulder edge and the front neckline, and the other shoulder edge is either ready to bind off or one row from it. I knit it in the round up to the armscyes and knit the front and back in parallel until I bound off the first stitches of the front neckline, so there’s not much to do on the back — maybe seven or nine cm. I’m thinking metric because I’m working from a Norwegian pattern — I’ve said that before, but so long ago that it’s no surprise if you’ve forgotten. Metric is good because the work gets to bigger numbers faster (it’s like metric speed limits — you can go 100 or sometimes 110 in Canada, because it’s kph not mph). Anyway, whatever, here’s the progress picture!

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