From Mar 10 weekend

I’m way behind. Here are a couple of pictures from almost two weeks ago —

Firstly, what’s growing in our woods is mostly beech trees. I didn’t see a lot of beech nuts in the fall, but I’ve been conscious of them recently. Here’s the husk of one. The nuts themselves are very small, not much larger than a kernel of corn, chestnut brown, teardrop shaped. The red squirrels are very fond of them.

Secondly, I unwound the yarn I spun from the wheel. Here it is on the niddy noddy —

and now in a skein. I figure it’s about 250 yards. Of course, that’s singles. With the batch I spun the night I had my lesson with Lucy, about 400 yards. All way, way overtwisted.

We did a puzzle the weekend of the 10th, an old Springbok of butterflies.

Anne and Matt had found a birds nest out in the woods the weekend before. They stuck it in the steel shelving above my workbench. It’s pretty small, maybe big enough to hold one hen’s egg with no room to spare. I suspect it belonged to a warbler or verio.

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