Rockport birding

We didn’t go to Maine this past weekend, partly because Arlene wasn’t feeling well, partly because a big snowstorm was forecast for Friday evening and I wasn’t really interested in spinning the car off the Maine Turnpike. On Saturday we did go to Rockport to look for harlequin ducks. About twenty of them were there close to shore right in front of us when we walked down to the rocks at Andrew’s Point.

I saw a half-dozen birds flying very low over the water a couple of hundred yards offshore. I thought they looked like alcids, and asked a couple of people with big scopes if they had been seeing alcids. They said yes, that razorbills had been going by the whole time they had been looking. Before we left they spotted one much closer in. I got an excellent view of it in my binoculars. So between the harleys and the razorbill, it was a very successful winter ocean birding trip.

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