Deer report

As we drove up our driveway last night, I looked to the right, at the edge of the headlight beam, to see if there were deer eating our Cortland apples. Jim, the previous owner, had told us that was something of a problem, and the Cortland got the worst of it because it was farthest from the house. I was about to say, “Well, we don’t have any deer eating our apples tonight,” when there was movement close to the house and a big buck walked away from the Heritage tree over to the far side of the yard. Arlene saw another one in the shadows.

This morning, from the window right behind me as I write this, Arlene saw a doe in the garden, maybe as much as 30 feet away. We all (Charley & Nicole are here this weekend too) came to look. There were two smaller deer with her, probably the young of this year having outgrown the fawn spots. Charley got a better picture than I did and posted it on his blog.

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