Butterfly migration

At lunch yesterday I was watching a butterfly migration. Close to the time I sat down I noticed two monarch butterflies fluttering around the parking lot between the building where I was sitting and the parking garage. They circled, gained altitude, and drifted off southward over the garage. Half a minute later another butterfly flew across the parking lot, up, and over the parapet of the garage. A minute later a fourth came along. They were all monarchs and all heading roughly the same direction. I realized that it wasn’t a coincidence, so I kept a close eye on the parking lot airspace. I didn’t see any butterflies come over the parapet towards me. By the time I had finished my lunch twenty monarchs had crossed the parking lot. I’d like to know what’s going on about now at Point Pelee in Ontario. I wonder if they have a monarch migration webcam. (I didn’t find one, but check out the link.)

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