On Friday evening we had Anne & Matt and Charley, Nicole, & Emma over for dinner for the first night of Rosh HaShanah. We ate early so Anne & Matt could get to Casco at a reasonable hour (and even so it would only have been reasonable at their age) and so Emma could get to bed at a reasonable kid hour. It was the first time Emma has been at our house. I got to juggle just a little (it was indoors, after all) for her.
The menu was: first, salad and chopped liver and smoked whitefish (instead of gefilte fish); chicken soup with kneydlakh (matzo balls); roast capon (and cranberry sauce),  pot roast in star anise (the Joyce Chen recipe, pretty much the only way Arlene does pot roast), roast asparagus, and baked delicata squash; and gluten-free chocolate cake (Charley said the texture was just like Devil Dogs) and fruit salad for dessert.

On Saturday night Arlene had invited her college & post-college roommate Judy over. Judy had just got back from a trip to Spain with another college friend Geri. We heard all about touring Spain, Gibralter, and a day trip to Tangiers.

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