Peppers p-p-Planted

I have finally started my pepper seeds. Three years ago I bought one “Lemon Drop” pepper plant and got a great crop from it, more peppers than I had ever grown on one plant before. The next year I bought a plant labeled “Lemon Drop”, but it turned out to be some other variety, mislabeled. Last year I bought seeds and started my own Lemon Drop seedlings, heck, I bought a windowsill heating mat so the peppers would have nice warm soil to start in, and the rabbits ate all of those pepper plants before they produced. I’m trying again. I also have Serrano pepper seeds starting; so, a total of thirty peat pots of seeds planted, 10 Aji Limo (that’s the Lemon Drop) from Scheeper’s seeds, 10 Serrano from Scheepers, and 10 Hidalgo Serrano from Fedco.

I didn’t do much else constructive today except make a lot of progress on the statistics project (we have graphs! but the data needs some more crunching, to get statistics on a percent of population rather than absolute basis), cook supper, and bake another Passover cake mix.

We walked up the hill across the street and around the Andover-Newton Theological School campus. The crocus field behind the president’s house is still there, but the flowers are past their prime.

It’s also important that this evening was the start of my mom’s first yahrtzeit, the anniversary of her death according to the Hebrew calendar. It’s appropriate to go to synagogue and recite a memorial prayer, which we did as a zoom service. There were over thirty people on the zoom, because it was also the first yahrtzeit of Bernie Rubin, the Bernie of Bernie and Phyl’s furniture. A lot of his grandchildren and other family were there for that occasion. We’re not sure what his relationship to the synagogue was — when we reviewed his obit it said he lived a few towns away — but it seemed to be significant.

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