Various progress pix

It’s been a while since I posted any project progress pictures. Here are three, as of Monday evening April 17.

I finished (except probably for more trimming of loose ends on the underside) redoing the rush seat of the living room rocking chair sometime last week. The idea was to have it out of the way, that is, out of the kitchen, in time for the seder. It’s a much better job than my first attempt at redoing this chair.

The hat I’m making from my leftover Jo Sharp Silk Road Aran Tweed (long enough name for ya?) and Bartlett Mills sandstone is halfway through the Jo Sharp part that’s going to be on the inside over the ears where the softness matters. The sandstone part that’s done will fold up and cover it, so the hat will just be that brick-red from the outside. Maybe you can see the fold line, one row of k with a 4-stitch decrease to encourage it to fold the right way and allow for a bigger diameter on the outside.

The opal mittens are, well, one of the opal mittens is done up to the point of Kitchenering the top and picking up the thumb stitches. It was a happy accident that I posed it on top of the book with the pattern, Robin Hansen’s Favorite Mittens

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