Covfefe explanation

Disclaimer: I did not see this happen. I do not have a keylogger on Trump’s computer to watch keystroke by keystroke. This is just my hypothetical reconstruction of what happened.

Claimer: I have not read this elsewhere. This is original work. To the extent this may correspond with any other explanation, it merely corroborates the plausibility of that other explanation.

So, to understand what happened, we need the context:

“… bad press covfefe”

Is that so mysterious?

“… bad press cov…” — now we can read it. Undoubtedly “coverage.”

So, here we are, in the Oval Office at 3 AM. Trump types

“… bad press coverage.”

What’s next? His famously short attention span has given out, and he can’t remember what he was thinking of.

[One finger rests on the backspace key. It auto-repeats five times.]

“… bad press cov”

[Absentmindedly drums fingers on the desk. Except they’re not on the desk, they’re on the “f” and “e” keys]

“bad press covfefe”

[Dozes off]
[Wakes up]

Huh? I never finished sending this!

[No need to look at it. Hits “Tweet”]

… and that’s how it happened.

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