Our favorite place to buy garden plants in Maine recently has been Reinhart’s garden center in Naples. They’re not on a main road, so it took us a while to find them. I guess Arlene saw their ad in the local newspaper once and wanted to check them out. At any rate, they have a big selection of annuals and vegetables, when they’re open. They don’t open in the spring until Mother’s Day weekend, and only stay open through about the first half of July. I guess they figure that anything they don’t sell by then just isn’t going to sell, and it’s not worth having someone mind the store for the small amount of business they would do later in the year.

At any rate, we went several times this season. Last time (which was the day before they were going to close for the year) they had a sign up, “Check out our other greenhouses.” We did, and I particularly liked the way this one is held up with rough tree trunks:

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