Klezmer Jam

Last week Tobie invited the klezmer band and other friends who play klezmer music over to her condo for a jam session. Well, with sheet music that she had.

I got there (which is to say, just over the Watertown line, in a 5-year-old condo complex) a little early. The driver who parked behind my car saw my instrument cases and asked if I was going to Tobie’s and could he follow me, because he hadn’t been there before. He turned out to be the director of the Newton Rec Dep’t’s Big Band, which Tobie plays in. He hadn’t brought an instrument, but was just going to listen. He carried my trumpet up, and I loaned him the claves I had got in Costa Rica so he could be an active participant.

We ended up having piano, electronic keyboard, melodica (that’s sort of a keyboard-operated harmonica), two clarinets, flute, flutes/piccolo, C-melody saxophone, violin, viola, and trumpet/baritone horn, and claves. The pictures are kind of crummy iPhone pictures, but they show lots of big smiles. Note that I didn’t get any pictures of the people who live downstairs and might not have been delighted with people tapping their feet on the floor above them!

How often do you get to see a piccolo?

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