Art in the Park

Today was the Bridgton art co-operative’s annual outdoor crafts fair. We went over but didn’t buy anything except a couple of cookies, which the Lakes Environmental Association was selling. It seemed as though there were fewer booths than last time we went, which was two years ago. Iron Man wasn’t there, nor was woodworker Eve Abreu, who one year was wearing a wooden name badge with a nail driven most of the way through it that looked as though it was nailed onto her until you realized that the nail was sawed off at the back of the badge. I was much taken with it and went home and made myself a similar one. But anyway, there was little woodworking or ceramics, and a lot of photography and jewelry.

We particularly liked the work of these jewelry makers:

Cararabassett Valley Jewelry, nice saw work in sheet sterling, with a poetic explanation of the nature-based inspiration for each piece,  Laura Guptill Jewelry, and Tracy Mastro’s enamel work.

I was wearing a somewhat strange T-shirt that has pictures of a circle of snakes on the front and a Frank Lloyd Wright building on the back. I bought it because it was cheap and I liked the snakes, and hadn’t even noticed the picture on the back until the first time I went to wear it — where did this one come from? A woman at the show looked at it and said, “I know exactly where you got that T-shirt — the Common Ground Fair.” “Right,” I said, “the Unity Graphics bargain bin.”

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