Early spring woods

Just for a quick update of what the woods looks like in the early spring, here’s, first, a grackle — back earlier than most of the spring migrants:

Second, a chipmunk, one of many that are running around our corner of Maine the last few weeks:

Some of a broken tree. There have been a lot of windy days lately, and there’s always at least one tree that’s almost ready to fall. This one looked to me like a wooden stalagmite.

… and a good look at Sleeping Rhino, without snow cover and without trees and undergrowth in front of it. This late winter and early spring we’ve had clearer views through the woods than ever before, because of the lack of snow recently.

And while not boiling down sap or walking around the woods, I finished sewing this shirt. Charley took the picture before I did the buttonholes and buttons, but it’s all done by now.

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