From Matt’s camera

Matt wants to sell me his old Nikon D70 digital single-lens reflex camera for a wildlife viewing trip in the near future. The big advantages are that it responds much more quickly to the shutter button than the camera I have now (in other words, you take a picture of what you see, not what you saw half a second ago — which is a long time when you’re talking about a bird or a person’s expression) and that it has a burst mode, allowing it to take three pictures a second so you can get something from a rapidly changing situation or pose.

I took it up Hacker’s Hill last Saturday. Before we got to Mayberry Hill Road we saw a flock of about 18 turkeys crossing the street, and I tried to get a picture; but at that point I wasn’t the least bit familiar with the camera, and the birds were way out in the woods before I could do anything.

I did get a couple of pictures of two, well, shrines I guess they are, on the way up the hill —

— and the view to Mount Washington from the top —

On Sunday we walked out the longest trail that Anne and Matt had made, which includes two bridges, or at least boardwalks, over swampy spots. I carried the camera for what I expected to be most of an hour’s walk to see how heavy it was to carry. It wasn’t a problem. Here are the bridges —

— and here, to test the close up capabilities, is one of the fir seedlings we planted this spring:

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