Javascript Benchmarks — what?

I installed a beta version of the Google Chrome browser for Mac the other day. I forget just where I found it, but it was probably linked from something linked from MacHeist which Charley mentioned on his blog. At any rate, while looking through the Help page I ran across a page of Javascript benchmarks.

When I looked at that page in Chrome, I got something like

Score: 3696

Richards: 3663

Delta Blue: 3875

Crypto: 3224

RayTrace: 5585

EarleyBoyer: 6534

RegExp: 1026

Splay: 5499

The latest Safari, which I just downloaded from Apple Software Update, 4.0.4 (5531.21.10) has

Score: 2068

Richards: 2530

DeltaBlue: 2154

Crypto: 2154

RayTrace: 3844

EarleyBoyer: 3085

RegExp: 1024

Splay: 1134

Firefox 3.5.5 shows

Score: 318

Richards: 1270

DeltaBlue: 83.4

Crypto: 784

RayTrace: 189

EarleyBoyer: 298

RegExp: 178

Splay: 400

Does that mean that Chrome is about half again as fast at processing Javascript as Safari, and ten times as fast as Firefox??

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