Wildacres Nature Printing Trip overview

So, just when you thought I might be updating again, Rolling On One goes quiet. This time it wasn’t just normal laziness, it’s that we were away for a week (or ten days, more like) and I hate to tell the whole world that nobody’s in the house. Of course, any burglars out there shouldn’t just assume that we’re away if the blog goes quiet; most of the time it IS just laziness.

This trip was to the Nature Printing Society‘s annual conference at Wildacres Retreat in the mountains of North Carolina. Wildacres is at 3300 feet; Mount Greylock in western Massachusetts tops out at 3491 feet, so for the week we were just a tad lower than the highest point in our home state. Of course, the lowest point in Pocatello is higher than that, but that’s the West.

We drove down there between 8 PM on Friday Oct 30 and midafternoon the next Monday, and back between 8:30 AM on Sunday November 8 and 4:30 PM on Monday, putting a total of 2045 miles on a rented Mazda 5.

Arlene took classes in plant printing, gelatin plate (or in this case agar plate) printing, and paste paper. I took ones in fish printing and raku ceramics. We both took loads of pictures. Mine are heavy on the raku process. Hers include a better balance of all the work there, the place, and other attendees.

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