Saturday Oct 31

We got to sleep around 2 AM at Millie’s house. They have a new cat named Lynx, a long haired animal with an unusual very dark tabby color. Joel cautioned us to keep the bathroom door closed when we used it because otherwise the cat would jump in the sink to drink from the faucet!

We stopped at Gettysburg, at the visitor center of the historic park, and saw the multi-media presentation, a 15-minute film and then a recorded audio presentation at the cyclorama. The cyclorama is a big round hall with a huge painting, done in the late 1800s, all around it. When I say huge, I mean the painting is 4o feet high and 377 feet in circumference. It was in disrepair 20 years ago and needed careful restoration. There’s an extensive museum in the visitor center, too, which discusses the entire history of the civil war. There were more cars and people at Gettysburg than almost any place we’ve been in a long time. Our car has North Carolina license tags, which made us look like Confederate sympathizers, I guess.

Our motel room at the Village Inn in Harrisonburg VA has a hookless shower curtain. There are reinforced rings near the top with slits between alternate pairs. The shower curtain rod goes through those reinforced rings in the curtain rather than through rings that will tear out of the curtain.

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