Patsy’s play

Last night Arlene & Charley & I went to see an open dress rehearsal of the play, C. P. Taylor’s Good,  that Patsy is directing at the Boston Conservatory. Pix here at Charley’s photo blog. It’s about how someone goes from being a reasonably good person to a Nazi.

It was in the Zack Box theatre, a fifty-seat auditorium at the Conservatory that’s used for student productions. We were three of ten people in the audience — but as I said, it was a rehearsal so we can hope that more people come to the real performances.

The play takes a lot of attention to follow, as it jumps without warning between the main character’s memory to the present (I mean his present, in the 1930s or 40s) to the imaginary music he can’t get out of his head and which accompanies everything he does. The acting was way better than I expect from a student production.

We took the T home — the first time in about 2 years that Arlene or I have ridden it. We’re not used to all the electronic signs in the cars or the stations, nor to the fare card machines.

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