Paper shirt for one dollar

Any other origami fans out there? Find a dollar bill and visit this site to make a beautiful (thanks in good part to the work of our friends at the bureau of printing and engraving) little shirt.

I stumbled upon that site yesterday. Stumble Upon takes you to a random website recommended by some other web surfers, based on the list of things you told the stumble upon site you’re interested in.  I’m not positive that’s always a good idea. There are web sites that will install spyware or other bad stuff on your computer as soon as you open the site in Internet Explorer, and I’d hate to see anyone directed to one of those sites because I told them to try Stumble Upon. I think if you use Firefox and keep it updated and don’t install things whenever an unknown website tells you you need a new plugin to see it, you’re fairly safe. There sure are lots of interesting sites I’d never find on my own.

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