Coraline knitting link

Arlene and I went out to see the new film _Coraline_ last night, at the Oxford Hills cinema. We were the only people in the auditorium for the 9:05 show. The movie is excellent, probably not for kids (except maybe older kids, with plenty of parental guidance) but disturbling. But what I wanted to say was, among the credits is a knitwear designer. The movie is done with puppets, many of which are knitted or have knitted costumes. At one point Coraline is shopping with her mother and asks for a pair of knit gloves (which her meanie mother doesn’t get her). The gloves are really a pair of knit gloves, about the size of your thumbnail! I couldn’t find a direct link to the video about the costume knitter, but here are directions: Go to the movie’s web site linked above, click on the “trailer” board on the signpost to the right of the house in the picture; when you get a choice between “trailer” and “films” click on films, and scroll to the right until you see “miniature knitter.” Amazing!

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