New sweater started

I’m under way on a new sweater, this one for Arlene. It’s inspired by one of the sweaters in Kaffe Fassett & Zoe Hunt’s book Family Album, the brushstrokes sweater. I guess that’s what I should call it, even though I’m not really following the pattern but rather just trying to use what colors of yarn I have, mostly Classic Elite Renaissance that we got at Fabric Place when they were going out of business.

I’m planning to make a V-neck pullover, using a pattern that the people at Creative Warehouse in Needham made for her using a program called Sweater Wizard.

Here’s the picture of Fassett’s design, with the center of what I’ve knitted so far:

… and everything I’ve done so far on it.

Yes, it’s a big tangle. There were 22 strands of yarn hanging down the back on that row. No, it’s not driving my completely crazy, not yet. However, it sure is a lot slower than Fair Isle or the cabled stuff I recently finished.

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