We started out Saturday with a trip up to IronMan Welding in Bridgton. The kid from the stone yard suggested last weekend that IronMan was the person to talk to about making a grate for the firepit once we had it done. We’re not ready for that yet, but we do need to build something into the firepit to support a grate. We were thinking of sticking some pieces of rebar out of the sides. The kid at the stone yard said that wouldn’t be enough — that straight pieces of rebar would eventually come loose, and that we should get something welded across the end to make a shape that couldn’t twist or pull loose. So last weekend from the stone yard we went up to Bridgton.

Nobody was there at Iron Man that time, but we did look around. The sign says something like “Iron Man Welding and Handy Hands Property Maintenance,”

(do you love those weekend hours?) but it really might say “Iron Man Welding and Sculpture Garden.” Besides a couple of dozen faces made out of shovels,

there is a dragon,

a Pushme-Pullyou,

a turtle smoking a cigar, and an alien invasion.

… and other sculpture too numerous to mention. But nobody was there last weekend. I phoned on Tuesday to describe what I wanted. Iron Man said he’d make up the pieces and leave them out for me to pick up. Sure enough, there was a bill for me in the box by his door and the pieces were there on the table.

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