The score for tonight is six half-pints of apple butter and six pints of applesauce. Arlene says if we do one more batch this week we’ll be caught up with the apples we brought to Newton.
The apple butter was started last night, cooked overnight and much of the day in the crock pot, and canned and processed this evening. It’s the third batch of apple butter we’ve made. With the first, I think I figured out what was in the sandwiches they used to serve at school lunches when I was in fifth grade. Since I’ve made this stuff, I’m sort of committed to liking it better than I used to like those. The recipe I used was from a web site “pickyourown”. I couldn’t connect to it last night, so I did my best from memory and some other web recipe.
I’ve lost count as to how many batches of applesauce we’ve made this year. Maybe it’s only four but I think it’s at least four.

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