No more Fabric Place

Arlene and I both noticed a story in the Boston Globe about Fabric Place going out of business. Fabric Place is out in Framingham, about 25 minutes from our house. It’s (or should I say was, but it’s just barely still there) by far the biggest fabric store in the Boston area. It used to have several branch locations, but apparently all except the one in the Woburn mall have been closed for some time. I used to go to that one every now and then from work in Burlington when I worked there three years ago.

We stopped at the Woburn one on our way to Maine on Friday. There were big signs, “20 to 50% off everything in the store.” There was still a lot in the store, and we didn’t run into anything that was more than 20% off. I headed for the yarn department and got one ball of something gorgeous (artful yarns?) that had a one-skein pattern for an mp3 player sock on the ball band, two balls of silk-mohair-merino blend that ought to make a really comfortable watch cap (or maybe it deserves something nicer than a watch cap, but that’s the breaks) three 475-yard skeins of bulky Cascade Ecological Wool that ought to be enough for a really warm sweater, and what I really thought would be the reason for the stop. We got a couple of Kaffe Fasset books a while back, and Arlene was thinking she’d like a sweater with some color to it. Fabric Place had a good color selection of Classic Elite Renaissance wool. We got something like 15 skeins of mostly different colors. So when I get my aran sweater finished, that’s on the agenda for the next big project.

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  1. Judy Says:

    Nice score. Too bad that Fabric Place is closing though, that was anice article in the Globe.