Sweater update

OK, by the end of last week I finished the back of my Aran sweater. I started the ribbing of the front on Saturday night. Some problem, I forget if it was a counting error while increasing for the start of the pattern or what, on Sunday morning got me disgusted and I ripped the whole front out and started over. By the end of last weekend I was done with a couple of pattern repeats (oh, sorry, checking a previous post, 1 1/2 pattern repeats. So much the more done during the work week!). By now, I’m halfway through the fifth pattern repeat on the front. The back has twelve pattern repeats before binding off the bottom of the armscyes and I think nine more between there and the shoulders. So with some luck I could be halfway up to the bottom of the arms on the front by the end of this weekend. Or by the end of today if I keep going.

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